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Fashion Week SS17


I follow fashion week…not in religious detail but in a tumble along it’s so beautiful, clever, edgy, just go for it type of way.  I scope through the images, naturally there is amazing craftsmanship. Pieces inspired by thoughts of those who can think outside the square and are committed to seeing the reality. However this only comes to fruition at the hands of skilled makers. Don’t discount these skills, these makers are artisans and interpreters. It is art and commentary in a world of heartache in so many corners. The ability to see beauty, to see light, to not take that ability for granted is what anchors so many when it is stripped away from them. So while the whole ‘fashion” thing may seem fickle or superficial and obvious commercial interest aside,  don’t discount the human ability to create, construct and dream and it’s importance in raising the spirit.

My find that gave my heart a little skip this season was Roberts Wood – All images via

roberts-wood-spring-summer-2017-7 roberts-wood-spring-summer-2017-2