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This time last week we were remote…by remote I mean 10 km (6 mi) southeast of Cape Grenville in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park of Far North Queensland, Australia. We spent five days on Haggerstone Island owned by Roy and Anne Turner and saw Australia with new eyes. With no mobile access and limited internet (emails only) once or twice a day the challenge was to disconnect. It’s tricky winding your mind down, the day there is full of distractions you are most oft on the boat for the majority of the day fishing, spearing crayfish and snorkelling then feasting on fresh catch and sashimi cray prepared by Roy’s son Sam, however shaking off the niggling feeling that you should be doing something else is an exercise in itself. To be fair it’s a little ‘Cry Me A River” when you are sitting by open fires sipping on cold champagne and nibbling on fresh smoked mackerel but for someone who finds the in the moment philosophy difficult to take up taking an easy day scouting for shells or dodging tiny reef sharks is bliss once you submit. For someone who always has one eye open in yoga class wondering what is next, remote is the new black.

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