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When I began the Susan Driver brand, I did so based on my love of design. I was also determined to be hands-on. I wanted to make these pieces, I wanted to see how they were constructed and understand the limitations. I also had an image in my head. A moment in time, a moment to ourselves. We are all so “busy” we never stop moving. The moment in time I saw was suspended. It was a little payback for all the effort we all put in everyday. It was an appreciation of beautiful jewellery made by hand, knowing each piece was ever so slightly different. It was a moment to relax in soft, forgiving silk…to sink into ourselves. To light a flame, to bring a scent that fills us with calm.  We all now these moments are few and far between but let’s create some together because “busy” will always be there, we all know how to be “busy”. In 2017 let’s learn how to slow and stop even for ten minutes.

Our 2017 Lesson 1 on our Insta feed was – Don’t over think, over design, over analyse – learn to let it be

2017 Lesson 2 – Learn to slow down and stop

The new Susan Driver silk collection has been on a slow burn for a while now, it is a small capsule we will be releasing through 2017. Pieces will be avail for preorder from January  2017.