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A Designer is A Designer – Architecture to Goldsmithing


If you are following on Instagram, you will know I posted a series of reflections on my Journey for creating the Susan Driver brand as a beginning to 2019. I will follow that up a little deeper with a series of Monday posts on why I started and what lessons I have learned so far. I hope this will give you a bit of an insight to who and why Susan Driver is.

I was a sole practitioner architect for a long time and worked with a sole practitioner architect as the only employee for a long time before that. I was used to putting in 12 hour days and then some. I worked through Uni so was used to living on 4-6 hours sleep a night. When I had babies 17months apart though in my early thirties this changed. I found it a lot harder to do the 9pm to 2am stint I was used to. I had easy babies who slept however I didn’t have a nanny and I fitted appointments in a night when my husband was at home or sometimes during the day when my aunt could take my oldest. It was a juggle and it was when I found myself onsite trying to correct a tiling defect on a ¬†beautiful bluestone bathroom in a 2 million dollar house with a baby on my hip that I knew I had to make a decision. Actually it was when I was standing there and felt a rush of hot baby wee seep through the nappy that I thought “I don’t think this is working”. I had just been offered three beautiful homes on a street on the Brisbane River as well and knew I had to amp up and get a nanny or stop and take a breather. I was fortunate to have the choice and surprised the architect in me by deciding to take a break and just enjoy my babies. As the boys became toddlers and kindy started I got itchy feet and having long thought of goldsmithing in the back of my head, signed up for a course at the Brisbane Institute of Art, followed by a vocational course at The Goldsmithing School in Brisbane and what could have been a hobby took on a life of it’s own…