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evidenced by the fact that it has been four months since my last post. When you are running a brand and making the product yourself obviously clients take priority (clients and family, though family is a little more in your face ;-)) then comes management, running the business, social etc. so here I am four months not four weeks or even one week later. And the story goes on…

I started my brand from a base of not selling. As an architect everything I had done was word of mouth, jobs just followed on from each other. I never marketed, there was no social, I chose which projects I took on. A brand such as Susan Driver I quickly learned, though maybe not quickly enough is about selling. I jumped in with what I thought you needed – I spent quite the investment on branding, website, campaigns shoots before a dollar even came in the door. What next? Right I needed to be in Vogue, Elle etc so more dollars went on PR. I went for an established firm, I had money in the bank, surely this is what I needed. I meet wonderful women, I received PR feedback and was in Elle and Vogue – only problem the dollars didn’t follow. What I was making was only a drop in the ocean to the outgoings, more campaigns and so on. What next? I was panicked I needed this to succeed – I know wholesaling! Only problem and one that I couldn’t admit easily was that I did not know how to sell, more importantly with running the brand with the sales it had, trips to Sydney, requests for gifting etc I didn’t have the time or energy to really learn. What I did learn was it does not come naturally to me ….