“Creating and building Susan Driver as a brand embodies everything I love, drawing, creating and manipulating silver and gold into classic, bespoke and contemporary jewellery pieces. As an architect I saw design become structure, it was a natural eventual progression in jewellery design and the joy I receive from constructing pieces by hand.”

Susan Driver draws inspiration from travel, art, fashion, architecture and beauty in everything.Within the collections are pieces drawn from a timeless elegance, to pieces with edge that seek statement dressing. Pieces that celebrate a woman with a confidence and comfort in her skin that shines.

Susan Driver exists for those who cherish and enjoy unique moments.Each piece is handcrafted with the individual in mind to create these moments in time.  Individuality and strength are embraced through the collections from the individual sourcing of metals and stones and realised in each and every piece.

Lovingly and meticulously made in studio, Yugar Australia.