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Unifie Necklace Long with Tahitian Blister – 30% Off

The Unifie Necklace with Tahitian Blister ia a large pendant with a Tahitian Blister feature. Mabé, or blister pearls are half-pearls that have been grown flush against the inside of a pearl oyster’s shell. They are a unique statement in their irregularities in size and colour. The Sterling Silver solder joints of the ring recognise that everything is a sum of parts.

100% Brass, Sterling Silver Solder

60cm Chain

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Seen here with the Unifie Drop Earrings with Tahitian Blister, avail separately


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We have a once a year clearance as a collection comes to an end, a stocktake is done and we are able to offer the limited pieces we may have in the showroom at a reduced price. Once cleared these pieces will not be reintroduced.