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A Designer is…


A designer is a designer is a designer. There it is, it was drummed into me by an Architect I worked for for ten years, from when I was eighteen and was ready to absorb all things designery, think Alessi, Corbusier, white buildings, black clothes and on. All architectural perspectives were one of watercolours presented…

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Fashion Week SS17


I follow fashion week…not in religious detail but in a tumble along it’s so beautiful, clever, edgy, just go for it type of way.  I scope through the images, naturally there is amazing craftsmanship. Pieces inspired by thoughts of those who can think outside the square and are committed to seeing the reality. However this…

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What Inspires You?


Sooo… there is no obvious answer. It is the sum of parts, I find as I design it is best and I am happiest with the result when it just flows. It may not be recognisable as this piece of art or that particular place in time but there will be elements of all those…

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For the love of details .... Burberry #rtw2016 via vogue.com
Morning Kate 📷 #peterlindbergh
The Classic Three Bar Stud 💎